Safe PMU Pigment

  • 54 colors
  • Net content:15ml

Safe PMU Pigment

Safe permanent makeup pigment, organically extracted pigment and sterile operation.
Approved by MSDS, suitable for for all skin colors.
54 choices of color, to always meet your need, perfect for all complexions.

Eyebrow Colors

P327 Green Coffee P330 Orange Coffee P201 Skin Color P328 Gray
P228 Dark Brown P323 Dark Coffee P226 Chocolate Brown P321 Black Coffee
P322 Deep Coffee P227 Brown Coffee P325 Maroon Coffee P229 Light Coffee
P222 Coco Brown P225 Auburn Brown P221 Chestnut Coffee P223 Tan Brown
P416 Charcoal P418 Espresso

Lip Colors

P215 Orange P309 Red Orange P204 Najran Red P311 Rubine
P316 Dark Red P308 Wine Red P318 Deep Rose P317 Bright Red
P307 Dark Pink P315 Red Rose P313 Carmine P219 Purple Pink
P202 Crimson P306 Chinese Red P305 Japanese Red P212 Purplish Red
P213 Violet P203 Litchi Red P207 Cherry Red P218 Centaurea Pink
P208 Pink P209 Magenta P205 Begonia Red P214 Scarlet
P522 Color Matching White

Eye Colors

P329 Black P512 Eyeliner Azure P513 Eyeliner Green P511 Deep Blue
P517 Light Green P515 Purple P516 Eye Shadow Red

Areola Colors

P211 Rose Red P206 Peach P217 Orange Pink P216 Light Pink